Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In Brief

It sucks to be me. But only for another few weeks.

I have no time to elaborate, but, in no particular order:

I was reminded today for the eighty-nine- or ninety-thousandth time that intellectual discourse is nearly impossible on the Internet. I have no time to elaborate. I say "nearly impossible" because I used to hang out at a place where intellectual discourse flourished, but being there was incompatible with working for a living, at least for me. I miss it, but, like Shangri-La, as time goes on, I think of it more and more as a pleasant dream. Someday I shall forget that it ever even happened. Or not. I imagine that some people feel the same way about graduate school, but my graduate school experience involved no intellectual content.

There are few things in this world that are unequivocally evil, but two of them are white chocolate and chocolate fountains. A white chocolate fountain, therefore, represents all that is wrong with the universe. I have no time to elaborate.

My boss remarked today, in passing, that I can get away with a lot because my mind works in a way that the mind of no one else in my firm (and, by extension, few other people in my profession) works, and that I am, accordingly, indispensable. This sort of information provokes wildly mixed feelings, but I have no time to elaborate.

I am not kidding about the white chocolate: E-vil.

I made the last payment on my automobile loan last week. I don't owe a penny to anybody. In spite of the fiscal crisis, I sometimes feel bad about not owning a home and carrying a mortgage, but I have no time to elaborate.

Because I am a) crazy, b) descended from Mennonites, and c) crazy, I recently procured a 30-yard roll of 96" wide quilt batting. I currently have plans for about half a yard of it, but it's doubtful that I'll get around to implementing those plans in the foreseeable future. Right now, my main goal is to get the HUGE (but very light) box the batting came in down to the basement before b&c returns home on Friday. I got a pretty good quantity discount, but, still, it is amazing what a person will buy when he doesn't have any debt.


  1. White chocolate is vile. No need for further elaboration.

  2. And vile is just evil spelled sideways.