Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Forsythia Happens

Two things.

It is really nice to discover, after a brutal winter, that a couple of the bushes you didn't pay much attention to when you bought the house last fall, are fully exuberant forsythia. It is not so nice, though, to be reminded that you don't have the time to enjoy said forsythia because you're in the office whenever the sun is up. And it seems downright cruel that all of the yellow will be gone by the time I would have had time to enjoy it, so I'm thinking that, as much as I like forsythias, a landscaping change may be in order. At least the azaleas haven't bloomed yet. Yardwork is near the top of an impressively long list (including everything from auto maintenance to a haircut) of things that shouldn't -- but will have to -- wait until April 16.

Through what I assume was a matter of unintention, eHarmony appears to think that I am Jack (or at least that my email address belongs to Jack). Jack is apparently quite the catch since he potentially has deep compatibility with an impressive number of people, each of whom generates a separate email from eHarmony. In case you're wondering, eHarmony believes that I am interested in finding true love with someone who is

1. Nineteen to twenty-two years old
2. Located somewhere between DC and New York
3. Female

Well, I suppose one out of three is still better than nothing. I mentioned this to some friends of mine, one of whom quipped that these girls obviously are looking for the sort of love that only a gay, forty-something father of two can provide. Well, who isn't?